Relatedness-Supportive Learning Environment for Girls in Physical Education

  • Sandra L. Gibbons University of Victoria
Keywords: girls, physical education, engagement, supportive, environment, inclusion, relatedness, healthy relationship


The challenges and issues associated with girls’ disengagement from high school physical education are serious and long standing. This disengagement has provided the impetus for the examination of alternative strategies to facilitate girls’ engagement in physical education. The purpose of this paper is to share a range of gender-inclusive practices in physical education grounded in the concept of a relatedness-supportive learning environment. "Relatedness" is the feeling of being connected to others in a social context. In turn, "relatedness support" refers to the social environments in which individuals have the opportunity to develop healthy relationships with others.

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Gibbons, S. L. (2014). Relatedness-Supportive Learning Environment for Girls in Physical Education. LEARNing Landscapes, 7(2), 139-150.