Learning to Lead: A New Teacher’s Perspectives on Teacher Leadership

  • Kristie Bridges Riverside School Board
Keywords: teacher leadership, effectiveness, classroom management, leadership, confidence, trust


The question of teacher leadership is inextricably tied to teacher effectiveness. Leadership forms the foundation of classroom management and permeates all aspects of the curriculum. While many new teachers have visions of the kinds of leaders they wish to become, this vision is often complicated by the everyday realities of classroom life. Faced with increasingly difficult circumstances, it becomes infinitely more important for teachers to foster the trust and confidence required to make meaningful connections with their students. This article discusses the qualities of effective leaders and the impact of effective leadership on students. It also considers some of the challenges that arise when pursuing one’s vision of leadership.

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Bridges, K. (2008). Learning to Lead: A New Teacher’s Perspectives on Teacher Leadership. LEARNing Landscapes, 1(2), 161-168. https://doi.org/10.36510/learnland.v1i2.261