Commentary: We Are a Global Community: What if We Collaborated?

  • Julie Lindsay
Keywords: collaborative learning, online learning, global context


Connected and collaborative learning that leads to co-creation of ideas and solutions is imperative across all levels of education. To make the shift we want to see, we need to understand the pedagogy of online learning in a global context. This commentary shares an understanding of thought leaders who have developed and shared new approaches that take learning beyond the immediate environment sca olded by digital technologies. It also poses the question, "What if we collaborated as a global community?" and starts a conversation about new pedagogical approaches to support " at," connected learning. This is already happening now—the future is now— it’s time to connect the world.

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Lindsay, J. (2016). Commentary: We Are a Global Community: What if We Collaborated?. LEARNing Landscapes, 10(1), pp 37-46.