Sound, Smart, and Safe: A Plea for Teaching Good Digital Hygiene

  • Alissa Sklar
Keywords: digital hygiene, technology, parents, education, role model, guide, digital devices


The concept of “digital hygiene” addresses the way digital technology can be integrated into our lives in safe, healthy, responsible, and respectful ways. Teaching kids about digital hygiene requires parents to be confident about their role as models and guides for the use of these devices, which is difficult when adults feel—often quite justifiably—that their children’s tech skills outpace their own. This commentary addresses the need for broadening the notion of digital hygiene with input from kids and teens, then educating and supporting parents (and educators) in its application.

Author Biography

Alissa Sklar

Alissa Sklar runs, a Montreal consultancy project focused on kids, digital technology, and risky behaviours. Dr. Sklar has a PhD in communications and cultural studies, taught in the Communication Studies Department at Concordia University, and worked as a faculty researcher in adolescent risk prevention at McGill University’s International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High Risk Behaviours. In addition to her academic and consulting work, Dr. Sklar is a mom of three, a blogger and feature writer with a particular interest in parenting, youth, and digital technology issues.

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Sklar, A. (2017). Sound, Smart, and Safe: A Plea for Teaching Good Digital Hygiene. LEARNing Landscapes, 10(2), 39-43.