A Poem Can: Poetic Encounters

  • Carl Leggo University of British Columbia
Keywords: poetry, arts


All my adult life I have been a language and literacy educator in school and university classrooms. And for most of my adult life I have also been a poet. I read and write poetry; I teach poetry; I write about teaching poetry and about why poetry is important for living creatively in the world. In my poems I seek to remain open to possibilities for living poetically. I seek to see with the eyes of the heart and to hear with the ears of the heart. In a sequence of poems, citations, and ruminations, I ponder the signi cance of poetry.

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Leggo, C. (2016). A Poem Can: Poetic Encounters. LEARNing Landscapes, 9(2), 351-365. https://doi.org/10.36510/learnland.v9i2.780