Comfortably Uncomfortable: A Study of Undergraduate Students’ Responses to Working in a Creative Learning Environment

  • Jan S. Watson University of East Anglia
Keywords: undergraduate, creative learning environment, supportive, interview, collaborative, pedagogical strategies, student learning


This article, which draws on a study of undergraduate students’ perceptions of working in a creative learning environment, is underpinned by the idea that everyone has the potential to be creative. Empirical data was obtained from semi-structured interviews with students in Year 3 BA in Education Studies, their reflective sketchbooks, and notes from observations undertaken in the campus-based Visual Arts Centre studio. The findings support the view that students benefit from having access to creative opportunities which involve self-examination and risk-taking in a supportive, collaborative space. The evidence suggests there is a need for lecturers to discuss and share creative pedagogical strategies designed to support student learning in different settings.